Monday, July 20, 2009

Alpaca and Elk

So, the last full day we were in Idaho, we visited HummingHerd Alpacas, an alpaca farm owned by Nancy Gedney in Emmett, near Dena's house. Nancy was very nice and friendly and just so sweet. That must be a precondition to owning alpaca cuz all the alpaca farmers I know are like that - and generous too! This is Gramma and Fred waiting out front while Dena went & let Nancy know we were there.

This little darling was outside the barn, in front when we drove up to the Alpaca Farm we visited. She's so cute - and a little inquisitive, but ended up walking away.

And Maddie got to give one of the babies they are rasing a bottle. Apparently Mom was at the vet when the cria was born and the bonding just didn't happen. Maddie was ok with that!
And when they brought the cria out to feed them a few decided they should go say hi to Gramma while the rest bounced around.

These are the yearlings (hope that's the right name). A lot of them are for sale. From what I understand they are great at mowing pastures that need to be mowed. Nancy even uses them to mow her yard . . .

And the Elk pics for Craig! These are the females and I swear I had two pics loaded but one has gone into the ethernet.
That doesn't really matter though because these bad boys are the ones he really wanted to see.

Click on the pic to make it bigger and you can really see those antlers!

This was the morning we left. The dog just wouldn't go into the backpack no matter how hard she tried! The cherries made it tho and they are delicious!


dmr said...

If you want to know more about the really nice alpaca lady (Nancy Gedney) go here -

Eve said...

All the cria megacuteness! It looks like you all had a blast there. I'm surprised Miss M didn't try to pack an alpaca to bring home. (Oh wait, that would have been you, wouldn't it?)

Nancy Gedney said...

Thank you Elaine, Teresa, Dena, Maddie and Fred for the lovely visit. We had so much fun loving the pacas and talking. Especially thank you Elaine for your gift of the Trindle and for lending me yours while mine is being shipped. I felt really uncoordinated learning to use it, but will be so happy to have this handy tool to help me become a more accomplished spinner. I had so much fun with you all! And thanks for the sweet words on your blog.
Nancy Gedney, HummingHerd Alpacas,
P.S. Dena, Katyete misses you! He told me so through the kitchen window!!!!

pacawoman said...

How wonderful to have such lovely new friends. When I went over to Dena's to pick up my new Trindle (I love it!) and see her and Fred's lovely place, I came home laden with fresh apricots and peaches as well. Thank you, thank you! Looks like a beautiful spot to raise alpacas. Fred's athinking and ascheming and aplanning. Yahoo! Katyete's awaiting!
Love, Nancy