Friday, July 17, 2009

Idaho - Day 2 - The Lavendar Festival

So, while we were out in Idaho, we went to a super cool lavender festival. I've never been to one and didn't even know they existed. All of us went and we had a great time. Dena, Mads and I all picked lavendar while Jon & Fred & Gramma held the fort and kept our chairs safe so we'd have a resting spot when done. We went to Lakeside Lavendar Farms in Nampa. We were lucky that Jon decided he didn't need any sleep and came with us . . . well, sorta.

This is a pic of Fred, Gramma, Dena, Jon & Miss M after we'd cut a few bunches of Lavender. It looks like we'd already bought at least one of the 4 lavender plants that we ended up buying. I sure hope they all survive and thrive for D & Mom.

This is the Midget and Me in the middle of the field - there were a lot of bees there and it was tough getting her into the field. The laveder smelled so fantastic - we're in the middle of the provence field and it was the smelliest of all the types they had on the farm.

And, this is what Jon did while we played - of course, he'd been working all night and came over after work, so hadn't had any sleep at all since the day before. He was quite a trooper about it all.

This is the view of the valley where they live - from the top of the hill/mountain you cross to find the vally. It was gorgeous there - but way different from the east coast that I'm used to.

And these are pics of the lavender wands that we made - first pic is the ones that we made at the Festival - Mads, Mom's, Dena's and Mine. Second pic has all thos and the ones we made when we got home - red is Mad's b'day gift for Dad, Turq is D's second, almost white is mine, pink is Jennifer's. The second batch was made with provence (first with grosso) and is VERY fragrant!


dmr said...

We did have a lot of fun, didn't we?

trh said...

Yeah and I have a buncha days left to post!!! I'm coming back so make sure that the Motor home is ready!!!!

Alpaca Granny said...

I've always wanted to know how to make those lavender wands. All I know is that you include ribbon...