Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Teresa Hasn't Posted

Teresa does 99.9% of the posting on our blog but she hasn't posted anything in 10 days and some of you might be wondering why or even worrying a little.

Teresa has been busy. She went to a Fiber Fest. She weeded the garden with the sundial, then planted lavender plants and a large quantity of bulbs. Then she and Maddie (DD#2) planted flower seeds, cosmos, marigolds and other flowers. Then, since they were in a seed planting mode, they planted lots of flower seeds in the side garden that contains the fruit trees. Over a dozen packages of seeds, each seed lovingly planted in just the right location. The two of them spent hours and hours landscaping the flowers. Someone had to spend those same hours and hours watching them work, and I chose that job.

While she was planting bulbs, she planted all the bulbs from JoAnn and used that pot to repot all the amaryllis in - you can see it on mother's deck. Where you will also see the tomato plant in the hang down planter. Teresa planted that also.

The ponds. Teresa took every plant out of every pond, repotted and replanted every single one. Maddie spent forever cleaning the ponds while her mother did the repotting and replanting. Teresa got a half whisky barrel and made it into a lily garden. It looks great and even has a bud just breaking the surface. More pictures when it blooms.

Still not satisfied, Teresa went into town and bought mosquito fish for each and every water, the two ponds, the lily barrel and Dena's stock tank. No beautifying the stock tank so no pictures. But while Teresa was in town getting fish, she stopped by and took pictures of elk. Maybe she will share those after she recovers and begins posting again.

Everything here looks gorgeous. We are planning semi-annual Fiber Fests - one in the fall to coincide with taking up the pond plants for winter and one for the spring when it is time to reset the pond plants in their ponds and barrels. Oh yes, plenty of time will be scheduled into the Fiber Fest for spring weeding and fall clean-up.

You might ask what any of the weeding and ponds and plants have to do with a Fiber Fest. Teresa loves Fiber and it was a sneaky way to get her to fly across the country to do the weeding and planting.

Unfortunately for us, Teresa did not want to become a full time gardener (non paid of course) and so she is boarding a plane for home where she can relax, put her feet up and spin and knit and weave and tat. For some reason, she considers these things more fiber related than weeding and planting and repotting. Who knew?

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