Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fiber Frenzy!

I've missed so many days posting because it's been so busy around here. I could post it all in one big post, but blogger messes with the pictures so much that I think it will be easier just to post in seperate posts!

First, yes, I am still spinning even if I don't seem to be home enough to finish anything. The first spool is filled with a bunch of small samples that I got from Northern Lights Fiber company a while ago. The second spool is some alpaca/merino from Maple at North Star Alpacas. It's so soft and nice to touch but for some reason I'm having trouble spinning it even. The last is some alpaca/babydoll sheep which isn't as soft but is a dream to spin. I was thinking about plying those two together but now I'm not sure.

And this is my substitute for a July Phat Fiber box - some of the leftover silk hankie samples from Infinity Yarn and Fiber. I have only the vaguest clue how to spin them, so it'll be a new experience for me! I saw someone knitting directly from the hankies at SAFF and I'm guessing that the spinning process is similar. I'll look on you-tube before I go crazy.

This is some lovely - seriously lovely - bamboo roving from Carly Original on Etsy. My picture doesn't do it justice - it's bright, bright orange, bright yellow, bright purple. She included a little bump of hand carded wool roving in light blues that is so soft and so pretty. I can't wait to spin them both - must get caught up and must quit buying more pretty fiber!

But Carly messaged me to let me know that ever since I asked about seconds, she has been saving all the ends and bits of leftovers from her processing for Miss S. This is the bag of goodies she sent for the needle felting box - and they are lovely and soft too! That was so nice of her to do - without ever being asked - that I just had to check out her shop and when I did, I just had to get that bamboo!

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Alpaca Granny said...

As always, your spinning is lovely.