Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random Pics

No knitting, stitching, tatting, spinning or other fiber activities in today's post. I'll get back with that tomorrow - cuz I've been busy and have good stuff to show. For today, however, we do have a lovely selection of random pics that are fun.


First, meet Joe Cool - the coolest dog in town! She loves the beach and the sun, but she don't see so well on her best day!

Next, meet Calvin & Hobbes. These two are definitely not the brightest bulbs in the box. They end up in this predicament just about every morning. They are stuck in the trash dumpster and because the sides are high and straight up and slick, they cannot get out. So they sit here, chirruping and tweeting and trilling until either enough trash builds up that they can get out or some kind human puts a long branch in so they can climb out.

A lovely sailboat gliding along on the very calm seas of August. Kids in the foreground having a great time in the water cuz the water was cool and the air/sun was HOT!

An armadillo on the back patio - they are also not gonna win any awards for smarts. Walked right up to one and it jumped ten inches over into the leaf mulch and burried it's head so I couldn't see it. Kinda reminded me of Robin!

Girls on the way to the beach - surprised the camera shy one and got a couple of full face shots!

A skink sunning himself on the front patio - right under the bike so that's the spokes of the wheel in shadow.

And my White Star Hibiscus bloomed for me - pretty but needs the red one next to it. Going to have to start some cuttings.

What is a little dog to do when there are no children to toss that tennis ball? Where did all the children go?

Well, no kids are coming. Nobody loves me, nobody likes me, nobody will throw my ball!

Did you know that you can play solitaire with the waves? They will take the ball and move it so you can chase it. Nice waves.

And this was here to greet us when we got home - pretty passion flower 'Temptation'.

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