Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Totoro and a Soot Sprite

Made this for a swap on Ravelry - both girls are mad that I didn't make more. This is totoro from the movie My Neighbor Totoro (and several other Ghibli movies) and a soot sprite from the movie Spirited Away (and several other Ghibli movies). He's so cute that I was sorry to send him off in a box. I might make another for me!

1/11/11 If you have just found this page through google, please check the following two entries:
Preparing for Knitalong
Beginning of Knitalong


dmr said...

I love the little black guys with eyes. I think I will have to get the movies and watch them.

Josepha Bertolini said...

I really want to make this for my Miyazaki loving neice this Christmas. Is there any way you could share your awesome pattern?

trh said...
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heideho said...

Did you make up the Tortoro pattern yourself? It's adorable. I want to knit these for my anime'-crazed daughters!