Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fibery Stuff and a Few Flowers

First up - Knitting. Here we have the mostly done, second February Lady Sweater. This is the one that I was so Unproductive on in the car on the ride to & from Atlanta. The yoke got done and undone several times while I was out there. As you can see, I've been much more productive since I got home. This is the first time I've actually gotten to try it on the intended recipient, and I'm a little disappointed. I think it's a little too big and I think the garter stitch goes too low (much lower than on mine) but the recipient likes it and that's what counts - because I really don't want to knit it again.
And on the tatting front - much has been happening. I cannot show you most of what I have done yet, but here are a couple of things. First we have a flower and a butterfly and then a flower with a butterfly on it (tatted together) that Miss S made. She seems to really like tatting and picked it up quickly under Miss M's tutelage. Second we have a long piece of edging that I made that will become something, someday - maybe a choker for a girl?

And spinning - I finished the alpaca - pics & stats later because I forgot. This is the two little bumps of fiber I bought in the shop (White House?) we visited in Oregon. I finished spinning the second one last night so I'm going to let them sit on the spool a couple of days and then ply them together. And some new fiber I got for 25% off at Corgi Hill Farm because it was on sale cheap and I wanted to try spinning something from a batt before I undertook the dog hair batts. I started spinning this last night too and it is quite nice to spin - has just a touch of sparkle in it.

And last, a random assortment of flower pics. First, the minuta waterlily. This is a tiny little thing - the pot it's in is a 4" pot that annuals come in and it's in the pondlet which is just a shallow tub on the patio. The flower is about an inch or a little more across but smells good and is pretty and this plant blooms like a fool. That little thing floating near it is a piece of duckweed - and if you look under the water you can see a couple of bright green circles? Those are the leaves of the seedling minutas coming up in the pot.

Then we have the passion flower Lady Margaret - the picture makes it look a little more purple and a little less red than it really is in real life. It's a great bloomer - almost always has buds or flowers or both. And last of all, the Star Hibiscus which is laying on the ground like a vine or trailing plant. It was about 10' tall and I moved it and when I did, it decided to lay down on the ground and it refused to get back up. But it did send up all kinds of side branches and right now they all have buds all over them. It's later blooming this year, but that's probably because of all the new growth it decided to put out or maybe because it's farther back in the shade.

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