Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White House Yarn

Remember our trip to White House Yarn Shop in Ontario, Oregon? Remember those bumps of fiber we got? Well, here is mine! I spun each bump seperately and pretty fine. Then I had to decide which order to ply them in - was going to start with the red end on one but the other had green in it and that would have been too Christmassy (is that a word?) so I put both red ends together. It made a lovely gradiated yarn that starts with red and works it's way to blue (because spool ended up much longer than the other so it's blue on blue at the end). I can't wait to knit this because it's going to have huge sections of color gradually changing from one section to the next and it's going to be gorgeous! I got about 330 yards of yarn and it's probably going to be a light fingering when I've washed it and set the twist (haven't done that yet - too excited about how it looked). What you are seeing in this pic is both sides of the hank, it doesn't really have two red sections.


dmr said...

What glorious work of art are you creating from this wonder?
Socks? How could you make them match?
A sweater - that would be awesomely awesome but don't know if you have enough yarn.

A shawl - a very lacy shawl. How perfect for the colors. For which daughter will you knit this shawl or should I say which daughter will model this shawl for the blog and keep the item as payment for services rendered.

trh said...

I was thinking a shawl - actually went looking for a pattern yesterday. I might make another Ishbel ( or maybe the Shoulder Warmer Shawl by Nancy Wiseman ( She also has a shaped shoulder shawl that I need to pull the book to look at - and then there are all those lace triangles . . .