Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stitches Market

I'm not sure what there is in the world that is better than Stitches Market. Well, SAFF is great too, but they are definitely different. Thank goodness they are 6 months apart because if they were back to back, I couldn't handle it. I meant to take a picture of the market, but I forgot. You'll just have to enjoy pictures of the goodies I bought there instead.

Found this Socks that Rock sock yarn in the WEBS booth. I was actually buying some blue worsted that I used in a class (pics in another post) and grabbed this right by the register. I kinda liked the mix of colors and thought the girls might like socks made out of it. I haven't knit socks in quite a while and there are some new books out that I'd love to play with - and some patterns in the old books that I wanted to knit but haven't yet.

This software was recommended by one of the teachers - Merike Saarniit - for charting designs. It will let you put the design in in a chart and then it will write out the pattern in k1, p2 type notation or you can put in the notation and it will produce the chart. It handles cables and textural knitting as well as colorwork. I had such a tough time doing that red/black norwegian sweater in the other software and this was not expensive, so I bought it. I haven't used it yet, but maybe I'll go back and redo the sleeve charts for the norwegian sweater and finish the silly thing!

I bought this lovely merino/silk blend roving from Carolina Homespun - they had the most glorious color combos and it was priced quite reasonably. I spent quite a bit of time in that booth and quite a bit of money as well!

The lady who owns the company apparently has a sister who tats, so she keeps tatting stuff in the store as well as knitting, spinning, knotting, and pretty much everything else fiber related. So, I bought these tatting shuttles and thread.

Funny thing happened when I was looking at the shuttles. I was trying to decide which ones to get and the lady next to me was also looking at them. I was saying that when I got home, my two daughters would probably fight me for the wooden tatting shuttles - she recognized me and it turns out that she reads this blog! I never in a million years thought anyone actually read this blog - at least not more than once. She was nice and I asked her to post a comment on here so you could 'meet' her as well - hope she does!

I bought 3 gorgeous wood shuttles, two inexpensive plastic and a brass celtic shuttle and went back later for some thread. When I got home, the girls certainly didn't let me down - each one claimed one (or more) of the gorgeous tatting shuttles I found. I told them they could each have one. Miss S picked the larger diamondwood one and Miss M picked the smaller diamond wood one. I get the lovely exotic wood shuttle and the celtic shuttle. The plastic ones will just be around for whomever. (Sorry for the bad pics - the shuttles are much prettier in real life).

This is the softest, pure alpaca yarn that I have ever dug my fingers into. It was a present from Dena that arrived while Stitches was going on, so it gets posted in here too. I really need to find the perfect project for it and it's all for ME.

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