Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Costume Knitting

Ok - finished all the costume knitting for the spring musical. There are actually two musicals, Charlotte's Web and A Chorus Line. Miss S is in both, but just in the opening act of Chorus Line because she's Charlotte and that takes a lot of time. And I only knit for Charlotte's Web because the Chorus Line costumes won't involve any knitting.

Here is another picture of the bat wings - hanging on a bush.

And this is the sheep costume, well actually only part of it, but the part I made. There is an identical, but slightly smaller one that I made for the Lamb but I didn't get a picture of it. I'll try to get pics of the kids actually in their costumes later.

Right now I'm busily knitting up spiders and lots of them. This is Arania, the first one I made for the director. If I don't finish the new three children, Arania, Nellie and Joy for the show, the old Arania will have to fill in for me. But I'm acutally trying to get three new ones done so that they can have stripes on their body and kinda sorta go together. I'm definitely going to get a group shot of all the big ones and the three little ones when they are all done . . . stay tuned.

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