Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spider bits and pieces

So this is where the two existing spiders are - one is almost done and the other more than halfway. First the pics of where these are and then when I make the last one, pics as I go. The first pic is the bits - first you knit the legs and mouth parts then the bottom of the body (I'll add the real names to the next post). Then you sew the legs around pipe cleaners if you want to be able to pose your spider - and I do.

Then you knit the top of the head and while you do that, you attach legs and the front mouth pieces. After you finish the top of the head, the bottom of it is still open (see last pic). I need to knit the top of the second spider's head and attach the pieces and then start the third spider. I can't close the first one till I get the eyes. The black things on the bottom are the pipe cleaners sticking out of the legs.

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