Sunday, April 11, 2010

Need Help Identifying

As we walk around to get our exercise we have come across some great plants. Some I want and some I am surprised to see. I think.

There are tons of trees that look to me like magnolias. I always though magnolias only grew in the south. What is more symbolic of the south than the magnolia. There are four in the parking lot and dozens next door. Every where we walk we see them. Unless I haven't a clue as to what those trees are.

And then there are the flowers that I haven't a clue but would really like to have if I only knew what they were. There is one I don't have a picture of yet. Have seen it several places but not when I had my camera with me. Will take a picture of it tomorrow. It is some kind of spring bulb.

The there is the way cute flower in the barrels outside the hotel. They have a tall flower stalk and and a very multiple leaved stem. It looks like there are a ton of them as oppose to a single one with tons of stems. Any idea of what it is?

And then we have a picture of the river. This is the Green River that runs behind the hotel. On the walk to the park you cross over the river and the little dog wants to go swimming. Both sides of the river have huge sandbag things lining the river and all around some of the hotels. Apparently the river floods bad and it is getting to be that time of the year. Sort of like the Red River flooding up at Fargo. Sure hope Jimmy and all are okay.

The next plant we really liked we saw along a stream that led into Tukwila Pond. These plants were growing along the upper edge, so not in the water but very near. The remind me of the horsetails that grow along the ditch bank back home.

The plants start out like baby pine trees and grow tall and feathery. Then there are the ?flower? stalks that are tall, striped and unique. Any idea what it is and how well it would transplant. Would it grow along side the pond or in the pond? It seemed to be growing only in the open, sunny spots but would it tolerate shade?

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