Thursday, April 22, 2010


We thought we had major massive colds or else the worst allergies ever. We tried cold remedies which didn't help much. Then we tried allergy antihistamines. Eventually they did something. It took almost a week before we felt human again.

Being inside made us feel even worse than going out walking. We were starting to think that whatever we were reacting to was inside the hotel room. Or that Alf was bringing pollen and stuff inside with him. Of course that week it rained every single day. How could the pollen be zapping us if the rain was washing it out of the air?

But we probably aren't helping matters much. Everything here in Seattle is blooming. And blossoming. And pollen spreading. And we have been out in the blooms and blossoms and pollen everyday.

We have been going out to a lot of the parks around here. There is a park around every corner and it seems like one on every block. Of course all of those parks are FULL of beautiful plants that are blooming and blossoming and spreading pollen. Oh well.

We are taking our allergy medicines everyday. I go get my sunburn dose in the morning and then we go out to walk in a park or three.

Alf has been chasing rabbits. He is really enthused and convinced that he can catch one. The parks are full of hundreds of rabbits all just waiting for Alf to catch them. We are finding so many plants that are wonderful, so colorful but that we have no idea what they are. We have noticed that the parks that have rabbits don't have squirrels and vice versa. Alf really isn't picky and chases both. Maybe he thinks they are the same.

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