Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The other plant needing identification

Thanks so much for the plant identifications. I have horsetails all along the ditches in the pastures at home so I guess I don't need these. Although these are very different from the ones I have, I don't have a green thumb and probably couldn't get these to transplant.

Do want a magnolia but thought they only grew in the south. Are there any that do very well in an extremely dry (high dessert) zone 6?

Haven't seen the info on the flowers in the pot that look like eyes. Those I really want to grow.

Fred has been finding a lot of the weeping Japanese maples that are only 3 to 5 feet high. I am definitely going to put some of the taller Japanese maples under the walnut trees and make that into a wooded garden.

While I was getting radiated, Fred was being a sweetheart and walking around the hospital grounds getting pictures of plants for me. This is the plant I mentioned before. We have seen it in several beds around the hospital but have also seen it in garden beds at houses we have driven past. (And I am sorry but the fact that I can see what flowers are in peoples gardens while driving along major roads and highways must surely tell you how slow the traffic is moving on those roads.)

These plants seem to be most often found in beds with tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, so I am going to guess that they are a spring blooming bulb.

I love lily of the valley and these look like a purple lily of the valley, a very blue purple.

Any idea of what it is and where I can get it. Other than just going into the hospital gardens and helping myself.


trh said...

As soon as your darling son gets my computer back, I'll send that third name - he's been working on it all day. (Have I mentioned how much I like him?)

I'll let the id man know we want to know what this is.

dmr said...

Hyacinthoides non-scripta, ENGLISH BLUEBELL ??? which grows in zone 6 so I love it

trh said...

Managed to get on the comuter long enough to find the other id - sent it to you.

trh said...

Not sure - the tops of the flower stalks look wrong - look at this link and also at camassia or Wood Hyacinth as a common name.

trh said...

Got a message from a friend on Ravelry, who is also a gardner with the most beautiful gardens. Here is what she said:

Hi, I saw your blogpost and think the bulbs are indeed the Hyacinthus non-scripta!
I didn’t know your mail address to write it there in the right place, but wanted you to confirm this name. Ihave many Hyacinthusses here in many forms and colors. So the non-scripta is a small one, the top is slightly hanging down few flowerbells and not very long in bloom. (Mostly bleu in my garden, but few are white or pink). They are very happy in a bit moisture woodlands.
Hope this inspires you?
The camassia yoiu mentioned is also here, mauve color, high (50 cm) and completely different spyke like flowers. Very quick gone!
(I did match them with Geraniums species and they don’t like that@! :)))