Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signs of the Times

We have spent a lot of our time lost which we prefer to think of as sightseeing.

The VA hospital is on the edge of Chinatown, and since we got lost the first dozen times we went there, we have done a lot of sightseeing in Chinatown. All the signs are in chinese, some with english, some with spanish and some in all three languages.

Since the hospital is so close to downtown Seattle and our hotel is considerably south of downtown in Tukwila, we decided that we should go eat after a very long day at the hospital. There aren't any german restaurants back home so we decided to try a german restaurant called The Peoples Pub. It doesn't sound german but the food was great german food. Fried pickles for an appetizer. Amazing. And rouladen and paprikasnichtzel. Very very good. We found the restaurant and then looked for a parking space. Found one in a lot across the street from the restaurant next to the one reserved for Norwegians. Guess someone beat me to the spot.

On our way to the restaurant we drove through very narrow streets full of way too many cars driving way too fast with no regard for people who didn't have a clue where they were going or where their next turn might be.

When I saw the street signs for James St and John St I knew we were getting to the heart of Seattle. Sure enough, we then saw Pike and Pine. Then we had to make a turn and lost track of the sights.

The last sign is at the intersection next to our hotel. Notice it doesn't say no racing. Just no racing between certain hours. This is on a highway. A four to six lane highway. In a downtown area. I think that it would be NO RACING. But that is just me.

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