Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flowers Blooming

Spring has sprung down here - we've got all kinds of flowers blooming. First the rhododendrons - some are blooming some are getting ready too. My favorite are the pink ones in the front yard.

And, the roses are starting to bloom - here's a pink and a red.

Forget the name of this flower - but it's just barely a step up from a weed.

And the late blooming azaleas are out - we're nearing the end of the azaleas now.

I think that Dena sent me this iris, but wouldn't swear to it - not exactly sure where I got it but it was a gift from someone.

Ground Orchids

A flower from one of Miss S's bouquets - she got flowers after every performance - lots of roses, some orchids, a sunflower and this strange spidery one (fitting hunh?).


ekh said...

the weed flower is Spiderwort Tradenscandeia virginiana or something like that

dmr said...

Loving your view of spring. It is looking like that here also. Hope I get home in time for spring there.

trh said...

Yes, thank you - it IS trandescantia. It's one of the cultivated varieties and it's really a nice plant, flowers all summer and is really pretty. I can never remember the name of it tho, at least not until someone reminds me!