Thursday, April 22, 2010

Really Quick Mish Mash Post

Ok, so this post is going to be quick because this week has been insane and extra time just hasn't been there. It would have been bad anyway, but matters got much worse yesterday when the car broke.

First, here are the spiders on the set - I made them into one big puppet which Miss S operates from behind the curtain. Sorry for the blurry picture, but they are 'trembling with joy'.

And here are still more baby spiders - the two smaller, darker ones in the front row (on either side) are the originals. The light gray ones are larger and the black one is the largest. The light gray ones go in the raffle jars. These jars will go on the ticket, snack, flowers etc tables so the raffle tickets can be sold at the same time.

I also knit a little bat which, poor thing, still hasn't been finished and a small pig which also hasn't been finished. They probably won't get finished till after the show . . .

And here is the show shirt. I know you can't see them well, but all the little white people that surround the A Chorus Line logo are actually the kids that were in the show. It's just their outlines and each of them is only an inch tall, but it's real kids. Unfortunately, since S was only an extra in the show, she's not one of the little one inch tall people.
And last, we have a picture of my lovely lilac in bloom. It smells divine.

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