Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Besides museums, Seattle has yarns shops. And I had to fit in at least a few.
I went to Google maps and put in my hotel in Tukwila and asked for directions to a local yarn shop. And went crazy with excitement. The two things closest to me at just over a mile away were Cascade Yarns and Skacel. I didn't even know they had there own stores. Maybe they have an outlet store. Maybe I have gone to heaven without the dying. But no. It turns out that these are only major distribution centers and don't have stores. How could life be this cruel.

But Fred read in one of the tourist guides that All Points Yarn carried hand spun yarn by local spinners. A must see. I met the owner and two ladies crocheting. They didn't have hand spun yarn in just then but did have some alpaca they have done just for them - close enough. Many beautiful yarns for hand knitters as well as machine knitters. I bought one of the original patterns created by the owner - Around the World. And yes I have started it, but will add picture tomorrow. I do want some of his other crochet patterns but will have to wait.

I have ordered books from Acorn Street Shop over the years and they have always been so helpful and friendly over the phone. Turns out that the staff is just as great in person. A definite LYS if you are in or even just visiting Seattle.

And then it turned out that I just had to have some pink sock yarn. I decided that I could not live without getting some and I had to get it before Thursday. So I tried yet another LYS, The Knittery in Renton WA. On the morning that I stopped by, this store was filled with ladies around a table doing their thing. But when I said I needed pink sock yarn, I got lots of help. They showed me where the sock yarn was and helped by finding all that was pink. And laughed when I couldn't choose.

I did choose. But then I chose a different one. And then I picked different ones to choose from. Then I went back to the first one. Then I chose a different one. The pictures show the final six. I chose one of those. I had it rung up and it was put in the pretty pink bag. Which one do YOU think I chose? Which one would you have chosen?

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trh said...

Whoda thunk they'd have more than one or two balls of pink sock yarn? Now I gotta get that package mailed . . .