Friday, April 23, 2010

Kubota Gardens

We were out looking for a new park to walk through. We never did find it so we decided to go and find Kubota Gardens. We weren't sure exactly what it was because we hadn't seen it in any of the tourist literature.

But we had seen a sign out on the interstate that said tourist spots at that exit. Of course we weren't on the interstate and we couldn't remember which exit. Oh and our gps didn't have the gardens in its database (old gps). And we didn't know the address.

So our choices were 1) ask for directions or 2) give up and go back to the hotel or 3) drive around thinking it would magically just show up in front of us. Since I had some idea of where we were and a vague idea of where the gardens were and most especially because Fred was driving; we chose option 3.

We were at the point where we were convinced that we were definitely not lost merely unsure of where we were and that we were probably going in the wrong direction for finding anything. After discussing our situation for another mile or two we decided to turn around. Fred chose to turn around in what turned out to be the parking lot of the Kubota Gardens. How serendipitous.

This is an amazing place. Very large and very serene. Calming. Amazing plants that I have no idea what they are. We did see countless varieties of japanese maples. And so many bridges and waterfalls and ponds both big and small. And so many shades of red flowers and blooms.

You will have to look closely at the photos in order to see what we saw. We saw a tree with a large base and a super gnarly top. The we saw a tree that was either growing horizontally out towards a pond and then another 90 degree turn down into the pond or else it came out of the pond and turned 90 degrees away. We never figured out which way was which but we did take a picture so that you could figure it out.

We found a neat witchy wood that would make an excellent location for Hansel and Gretel or some other spooky walking through the woods movie scene. We also have seen many many trees here that have really cool curvey branches. The branches just swoop in perfect curves. I never have my camera with me when we see these trees but this time we saw one and I got a sort of picture. The tree was buried away so you have to look through the branches of another tree to see it. Any idea what this tree is.

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trh said...

Way cool gardens - would love to visit them and figure out that tree that's got the 90 degree bend, but don't spect it will happen soon.