Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring is Here!

Well, Spring is finally here. Seemed like winter this year was the worst in a long time and lasted much later than it usually does. But there are signs of life everywhere. The hyacinths have finished blooming and the ground orchids are poking buds up - they'll be blooming soon. The fig tree that I got by mistake is letting leaves come out of it's little buds.

The peony I bought when I was out there has finally started to show above the dirt. I really hope it will flower this year, but I doubt it. The daffodils and narcissus are about done but here's one pic of a late bloomer that hasn't completely faded yet.

The yellow-cover-everything pollen started a couple of days ago and now all the cars are the same color and everything outside is yellow green. When you touch anything a puff of yellow dust flies. The dogwoods are finally blooming, so are the redbuds and the cherries.

My double flowering cherry - pretty but hidden behind all those stupid bradford pears. And the pieris is blooming but not with the usual gusto . . .

The first wave of azaleas is going - the reds in the backyard are starting to come out, the pinks in the front are all the way out. The whites haven't started yet and some of the reds are behind.

And the candy cane camelia is finally blooming! There are flowers all over it and the bush is about 6' tall (we just planted it a couple of years ago.)

Funny, but if you walk to the backside of the bush, you'll find a few flowers that are half red and half candy cane . . . and if you look further, there are some that are all red. Still pretty tho.

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