Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Web is Down . . .

Sad to say that Charlotte's Web's Atlanta run ended Sunday afternoon. It was an unqualified hit and the stars were all wonderful. The drawing was held and the spiders went to new homes.

Here's a pic of Miss S and some of her little fans - they lined up to see her after the shows. On Saturday and Sunday they started asking for her autograph - it was too cute. The little girl in the lovely blue dress told her "I didn't like the scene where you died - it made me sad."

Here are the last two spiders I knit - must have knit at least a dozen of the little ones and four of the big ones. I think I'm completely done knitting spiders - that's enough for a very long time anyway. But here are a couple of little piggies that I knit as gifts for people - have two more of these to knit before I quit pig knitting.

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