Saturday, April 24, 2010

OMG They are REAL

We have discovered many things during our stay here in Seattle. Most of these discoveries have been while we have been keeping ourselves amused so we don't well on why we are here.

We have learned many things during our stay here as well. We have learned that Seattle is hillier than San Francisco. And that the hills are extremely steep. Both going up and going down.

We have learned that there are way too many people and cars here for us. Although we are enjoying our stay, we will be glad to be back home. Teresa can have the traffic (it is so reminiscent of Atlanta).

There are, of course, many benefits of being in a population center. We have seen amazing museums and parks and sights. We have been to the Coast Guard Museum of the NorthWest and the Nordic Heritage Museum. You certainly won't find things like that in podunkville. But the traffic.

We have been walking here and there. Many of the here and there have been on river greenways that go under the roads and under the railroads. Alf has freaked out since the very first one. He is jumpy and skittish and extremely anxious to get out of there. And he is most reluctant to go into one of these underpasses. He doesn't like them in a car, he doesn't like them on foot.

Well, we finally discovered why he is so anxious about these places.

Do you remember the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They didn't like to go over the bridge because a troll lived beneath it.

Now imagine you are a very tasty, extremely cute white fuzzy dog walking underneath the bridge.

Yes, we found the troll that lives under the bridges. He is real. Since we actually found one, we can only assume that the rest are just as real. Poor Alf. It will be a case of sacrificing our faithful friend as we run for safety.

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trh said...

Seriously cool troll!!! I wanna come see it too, but don't wanna have sunburns where you do to do it!