Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tatted Hankie Edgings

What with the return of Girl Far From Home, unexpected company from Istanbul, me getting sick, the end of the school year for That Other Girl, the cat getting hit by a car and all the other craziness going on around here, I have been neglecting both this blog and my tatting.

Then Lace Lovin' Librarian (Diane) kindly shared a gazillion hankies with the tatting public at large and I was lucky enough to get the one I most wanted.  It arrived in the mail several days ago and when I saw it in person, I liked it even more than I did in her picture (which is much better than mine is - sorry about the blurry photos today dunno what the problem is here).  As soon as I opened it, I knew the green embroidery on the hankie was going to match one of my green balls of lizbeth size 20 (turns out I have two balls of that color) and I was right.  Now I just have to pick out a pattern.  We are leaving for the beach on Friday so I'll have a week to work on it!

Then I won a blog giveaway on Tatting It Up.   For some reason, I have a terrible time posting comments on that blog - have to get the computer all set up before I get there (cannot go from the blog main page to the post to the comments, must go directly and MUST remember to be signed into my profile before I go) or I cannot comment.  Anyway, Anika sent me the most wonderful package of goodies, including this gorgeous little vintage hankie!  I am going to have to look through my threads to see if there is one that matches this - maybe I'll try to match the leaves since I know I have nothing to match the flowers.

 Anika was giving away this beautiful card that she picked up the day she went to Art in the Park.  It's made by Cindy Jones Lantier, a mixed media artist.  (  I wish the picture had turned out better.  I'm very excited about this - know just who I am going to mail it to!

And this bookmark came in the package too - it's currently marking a possible edging pattern in one of Mary Konior's books.

And, maybe best of all, this lovely lavender sachet.  I use lots of these in my yarns to protect them from moths and I really love the way the yarn smells after it's been in a cubby with lavender.  It's so nice to knit yarn that smells nice!
Thanks so much Diane and Anika!  I'm very lucky to have found this online tatting community!

P.S.  Cat is doing as well as can be expected.  She is home and madder than a wet hen about being restricted.  She doesn't want to be locked up, she wants to go where she wants to.  Unfortunately, the vets were very worried about her being able to pass waste and gave her an enema to make sure that she was ok.  Until her body recovers from that, she is definitely going to stay in a very small space.  Luckily a friend is loaning me the biggest dog crate I have ever seen - big enough for a bed, food and a litter box . . . and maybe a guest.


Gina said...

I LUV that green hanky! the meowing driving you crazy yet?

Teresa said...

She doesn't meow much, but she does shred things . . . and she's darn good at it, those claws must be razor sharp!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Isn't it funny how the pictures just don't do the hankies justice? No matter how many pics I took, I couldn't capture the true beauty. Of course, I think that adds to the excitement when the recipient opens the envelope!

I love the thread you chose! It looks like a perfect match.

Oh, that Anika! She certainly has taken me by surprise with her youthful enthusiasm. She's keeping me on my toes!

I hope you have lots of fun with your two new hankies!

Anika said...

It's nice to hear that the kitty is doing alright!

I can't wait to see your edgings. ^_^