Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beach Tatting?

I thought tatting was the perfect carry along craft. I have taken my knitting to the beach, but the project I am knitting right now is just too big and too wooly and warm. I have taken tatting to the beach to do as well. This time it so did not work. I am using different thread and suspect that may be part of the problem - this thread must just be more susceptible to the moisture in the air. I couldn't make the double stitches uniform - they were all sticky and so half of them looked like they had little picots between them of various sizes. I'm not sure if the first tatting pic will show, but if it does, it is one of several failed attempts. I did finally tat a small motif in the house but don't have a needle to hide the ends.
And Girl Far From Home has been entertaining us (and the neighbors) on her fiddle. She is getting pretty darned good. Casey got herself a little souvenir - a froggie splashball which she dearly loves!


Anika said...

That motif is one of my favorites! It's so attractive. (:

Teresa said...

I know it is one of your favorites! I got it off your blog ages ago and have wanted to make it forever. I am so glad you posted it because it is fun to make.