Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alpaca Adventure Part 4 How many is a herd

I'd like to introduce you to some alpaca that I know.

There is Tight Runner – a young three year old male who isn't quite mature. Isn't he a cutey? He's all white with a soft fleece.  Sonqo is in front, then comes Rubicon and behind is Running Tight.

Oh and here is another boy but a bit older and a bit taller – his name is Rubicon and he is the palest beige.  Rubicon is in front and taller and Running Tight is behind.

And we have Angelique, a wonderful girl with white/palest grey fleece and the prettiest blue eyes. I have never seen an alpaca with blue eyes before but apparently it isn't all that uncommon. Oh and she isn't deaf.

Then there is Exotica. She is a gorgeous light fawn but is a layer downer. I will explain that in a bit. More introductions first.  I love this photo because it gives an idea of the range of colors.  The black one is La Negrita (spanish for the little black one), The dark brown with a spot is Syringa - she is almost but not quite as dark brown as Kizmet, the grey one (white) is Chainaral and the fawn one is Exotica - second from left.  Farther down is a picture of Caldera and Kizmet together so that you can compare the colors - Caldera and Syringa are the same brown.

We have Syringa, a girl with dark brown thick fleece and just a hint of white near the whiskers. Syringa is peeking around the corner.  Syringa has one white spot and Caldera has two. Looks like she is standing next to Exotica.

Caldera is a dark brown with the cutest spots of white in her topknot and here and there. Isn't she just so adorable.  Caldera (two spot) is on the left, next to her is Kizmet (such a very dark brown and you can see Angelique (white-ish grey-ish) in the background)

Here is Chainaral – a girl with a very strange gray fleece. I can not wait until some of that gets spun. (Left to right: Exotica [fawn]; La Negrita [black]; Chainaral [gray] and Syringa [one spot])  Oh yes, her name is pronounced Shawn-ral rhymes with tall.

Oh and here we have a llama. Her name is Tanna and she was rescued a short time ago. Her baby has just been taken off of her and she also needs some good grass to fatten her up. She is going to be the guard llama for the girls.

Oh yes, Teresa – the girls (7 alpacas girls, Cielito and one girl llama) are all out in the back pasture. That way M can really see the difference between llamas and alpacas up close and personal.

And then we can send her into the front pasture with a bucket of pellets and let the 5 boys there chase her. I can't wait until you come and pet our herd.

Are you surprised? Hubby was.

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Teresa said...

So, are they on loan for fattening up or are they keepers? And do we get the fleeces next year?