Friday, June 10, 2011

Tatting Tuesday

Tuesday was a busy day. 

Mom went to the hairdresser.  Then we went to check her number and all she won was a big jar of Nutcracker peanuts.

Then we went and picked up all my fleeces.  Yummy yummy.

Then we picked up hubby and went to the new restaurant in town and had lunch.

Then off to the doctor's office cause mom had an appointment.

In and amongst that I got a bit of tatting done.  No the ends aren't worked in yet but that still might happen.

1 comment:

Isdihara said...

With all the errands to run I am impressed you worked in some tatting. Bravo!

The heart and other tatted bits look darling. Thanks for sharing in the Tatting Tea Tuesday communi-tea!