Friday, June 3, 2011

I Need to Knit

Finally!  That Other Girl finally put the hyacinth socks on her feet and let me take a picture.  They are anklets because that's the only kind of sock That Other Girl will wear.  She wears very few handknit items, unlike her sister, so it's a triumph to make something she will wear.  I'm not sure I triumphed with these socks tho because they are still sitting on the table in my knitting room.  :(

I couldn't be more excited about this coming in the mail today!  We are leaving for the beach this evening and I was afraid it wouldn't come before we left.  It is chock full of wonderful things that I want to knit - now!  But I have so many projects on the needles or in the queue that these things will have to wait . . . unless that yarn Dena gave Girl Far From Home for her Graduation present finds a pattern in here . . . .

And on the cat front . . . she's feeling better and slightly less angry (but not much and not all the time).  She sent us on a wild goose chase for about an hour this morning.  I left her out of the closet last night since she escaped the night before and I figured it was better to just let her be free than risk her hurting herself trying to escape.  How much trouble could she get in anyway?

Dumb question.

She was right by the desk, sleeping peacefully, when I checked this morning.  Then when we went back to pack up her stuff, she had disappeared.  We looked everywhere - in all the closets, under the bed, under the desk, behind the bookshelves, in and under and behind everything.  We called her and she ignored us.  We wondered how she could have gotten out of the room with the door closed.  We opened a can of smelly food (she is eating again, fairly well).  We finally decided that she was not in the bedroom and started a whole house search.  No luck.  So Girl Far From Home went in to get ready to go to work and while she was getting dressed Cat came out of the tiniest little 3" wide 6" long 5" tall bit of space between some boxes and peed on the carpet and then crawled back in her hole.

She won't be getting that much freedom again for a long time.

A friend lent me this dog crate.  It's 40 inches from front to back, 27 inches from side to side and 30 inches high inside there.  It's like a small bedroom.  

Plenty of room for a cat, two litter boxes (one to sleep in and another to use as a litter box), some food and water and a few toys.
She isn't happy, but at least she's safe and we can find her.  This box will go on vacation with us as will the cat.  The house sitter will only have one cat, one mouse and the plants to worry about.

Hopefully, by Sunday I will have tatting to post - or at least knitting.  I haven't gotten to knit at all this week - exactly 180 stitches total.  It's really sad that I can give an exact count, isn't it?  And 180 stitches doesn't go too far on something like this:
(This is someone else's, I like my colors much better.)

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have a great time at the beach and enjoy the vacation!