Sunday, June 26, 2011

Embossed Jacket

I finished it!  This is my Embossed Jacket by Anna Zilboorg.  I love this sweater so much!  I loved knitting it and I absolutely will love wearing it.  It's gorgeous and wonderful and it will be so nice and warm.  I didn't even hate sewing up the arm seams (the only ones this sweater has) or sewing in the zipper.  Ok, I hated sewing in the zipper but I love the sweater so much that it wasn't nearly as painful as I expected it to be!

This was how my darling (but insane) husband decided to help us during the photo shoot.  Let me tell you - it's tough enough taking photos of a winter sweater when it's 95 degrees out and the sun is shining.  It's just that much more difficult to get reasonable photos when you have a clown entertaining and distracting you!

The Carolina Red Hibiscus in the pond has started blooming - isn't it gorgeous?  It has those two flowers open today, two more for tomorrow and at least 15 more buds coming up behind.  The two pink hibiscus also have buds but they won't be ready to open for a while.  The red and white star hibiscus don't seem to have buds yet but they usually don't bloom until mid to late July.  The pond is looking good and Casey loves feeding her fishies!  (See them in the water?)


Bri's Bits said...

it turned out absolutely incredible! what an accomplishment. and it looks great on you too!! Hooray!

Gina said...

My 1st thought: What a colorful sweater!
2nd thought: Don't you live in the hot steamy South?
3rd thought: ....who....what....?
and then you cleared it all up. LOL!

Anika said...

The jacket is so impressive and lovely! I bet you'll get a ton of compliments wearing that out.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the jacket! It looks like it would fit me. ; )