Sunday, June 19, 2011

For our Friends

The extra Workbaskets are now spoken for, thank you.

The fault is mainly mine - broke myself instead of mailing extras to Teresa Sorry about that - Dena

This blog started out as a way to share well loved hobbies with a sister/daughter/mother on the other side of the country.  In our wildest dreams, we never expected anyone but us to read it.  Dena taught me how to tat and I fell in love with yet another in a long line of fiber arts.  Then we found this on-line tatting community and what a treasure it is!  So much to learn and so many willing teachers.  And the generosity is amazing!  I've gotten gifts and prizes from so many folks and they were all so wonderful.  First off, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Second, we would like to repay some of that kindness.

Elaine was a long time subscriber to this magazine and as Dena and I grew, she gave each of us a subscription as well.  Workbasket was a special little gem that had knitting, crochet, and tatting patterns as well as gardening tips, recipes, and sometimes sewing and other crafts.  I remember getting excited each time my issue arrived and I've knit many patterns from these magazines over the years.  

Both Dena and I had most of our original collections but a few issues had gotten lost over the years and neither collection was anywhere near complete.  So, Dena started trying to rebuild our collections.  She bought various lots of Workbasket Magazines when they appeared on Ebay or where ever.  We have each got impressive collections now, but we also ended up with a bunch of extra issues.

So here is where we try to repay the kindness of this community.  If you would like a couple old Workbasket magazines, please leave a comment on this post and then email me your mailing address.  We will leave this post up for a week or so and then gather all the names and see how many we have.  Each mailing will include at least two magazines until we run out and if we have enough, we'll send more.  Please note that not all of these are in terrific condition - some are missing covers or the covers are torn.  Some are in terrific condition. There is also a wide variety of dates - some from as far back as the early fifties and some as recent as the eighties.  


Isdihara said...

Yes, please may I have one of your extra copies? My Workbasket collection has several holes in it.

Thank You (collectively) for creating and sharing your blog thoughts. I have been enjoying your posts for at least two years, if not longer.

tatting-marie said...

I would love to receive some Workbaskets. You are so special to share them with us. I loved receiving them in the mail and could not wait to see what was in store for us each time they arrived.

Typstatting said...

I would love to have a couple of Workbaskets as we dont have them here they would be extra special!

tatterjil said...

I would love to have a couple Workbaskets. Thank you for giving them away.

Sharon D. said...

I would love to have a couple Workbaskets to add to the ones I have. Thanks

Teresa said...

These are now packaged and ready to be mailed. They should go out very soon - apologies for the delay.