Monday, June 6, 2011

Alpaca Adventures Part 2 A New Baby

Spoiler – the baby wasn't ours and we can't have it

While I was over having the alpacas sheared, Nancy was waiting for one of her first time mothers to have a baby. The young female (Rosie) had been induced the day before. She was taking her own sweet time even being induced. Nancy was taking her to the vet if she went over 24 hours – but at 24 hours or so she started having a baby. I had to give up filming the shearing to watch the baby.
I had to stop watching and filming the baby to help with the shearing. Well, I didn't really have to stop but I wanted to see everything involved in the shearing.

The mom started to show a pair of toes and the other moms were moved next door. All of them were about to pop also so it was a first come first serve situation.

The mom was a light fawn and the dad was darker brown. I did not know that the alpaca colors was extremely complicated to predict. I do now.
I knew Teresa would be interested so I filmed when I could. Enjoy.
After the baby was born, I headed home with my boys and forgot my fleeces in the excitement. But I did talk to Nancy and tell her I really wanted the fleece. Then I agreed to get some more alpacas. Some females. Stay tuned.

The first good news.  Nancy was about to load Rosie here into the trailer and take her to the vet, but things looked like they were about to happen

Oh yes.  Things are happening

This is a head shot - a change from all the butt shots.

Now you have to remember that this is a first time mom.  She really wasn't sure what was happening and she didn't know if she liked it.

But all is well at the end

Except that new mommy still isn't sure what it is or what to do with it.  She did eventually figure it out and mom and babe are doing well.

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