Thursday, June 9, 2011

What is it?

This is a quiz. All you have to do is guess What is it?

I have been knitting and knitting. I spent time with the book Twisted Stitch Knitting by Maria Erlbacher and had a lot of fun including those stitches in my knitting.

I kept running out of yarn and since I hadn't dinished sorting the yarn in to the fiber room, I just grabbed whatever.
I think it is turning out amazingly awesome.

What do you think?

Okay - here's what is happening.  I scheduled these posts for one a day so that I could get pictures added between running around.  Blogger was taking 30 plus minutes per picture to upload and then more often than not eating the new version of the post.
Now it has eaten all the comments so feel free to repost the comments or add a different one.

To those who guessed that it was beautiful - you are correct, it is beatuiful

To the one who guessed it might be a sock - No, I don't think so but I might be wrong

The ease of this type of knitting is amazing.  I love cables but find them to be a bit of work.

These patterns were just fun and fast

I had a lot of fun picking different patterns to try, there are three panels around and sometimes I used the same pattern in all three panels around and sometimes three different patterns.

With pictures to help, can you figure it out?  And no fair looking on Ravelry.


Bri's Bits said...

a vest, definitely a vest! I can't wait to see it, do tell, do show!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Darn! I don't have that book... socks?

Teresa said...

Ugh! I can't see the pic! And since I know what it is, I really want to see how it turned out.

Gina said...

Ha! Do you know this post says June 9th and the one before is June 8th and it's only June 7th - how did you do that????

Teresa said...

Glad someone noticed that, Gina! Dena had the post scheduled to be posted one a day. And that is also why the pictures are missing. It would seem that blogger has more issues than just comments not working!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Whatever it is, it's beautiful!

Gina said...

Piccies now! hmmm...seeing it fitting around a leg, I would guess a wind sock or maybe your're participating in one of those events where the knitting/crocheting is on every tree and post outside. But now that you've hinted Ravelry might have a clue, I'll have to go there. :-) Whatever it is, the design is gorgeous. I don't always like cables but these are awesome!

Teresa said...

When do we get to see the final finished pics?

Dena said...

Final pix tomorrow