Saturday, June 18, 2011

New and Beautiful tools

These are the spindles and nostepindes I bought.  I thought it would be great to see them all together.  I love them all but one of each is supposed to be a gift for Dena.  I know she picked out a nostepinde before, but since we now have all four of them together, I'm not going to hold her to that choice.  Dena, you must let me know by Sunday night if you want that box mailed on Monday.

And this is the stairway that we rigged up so poor little broken Cat could get up on Girl Far From Home's bed.  As you can see, Cat understood what it was for and used it.  She is so much happier sleeping on a girl than on the floor!


Michelle said...

Hmm- I read your blog through google reader and saw your most generous offer of workbasket magazines but if I try to go to that post, it says it's unavailable. I'm glad to see that Cat is better.

Teresa said...

Sorry! That post was supposed to be for tomorrow. Apparently blogger isn't doing scheduled posts right these days. I will put it back up in the morning.

Gina said...

I really like the black/white-ish one. Not that I'd be any good at using it but for eye-candy, that would be my pick!

Dena said...

Yes I definitely want the box to go out Monday