Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Cat Update

Cat is at the vet's office now.  She may not need surgery after all.  She is still broken, but it seems that with cats, surgery doesn't necessarily make it all better and we knew before I took her this morning that she wouldn't heal any faster with it than without it.  She was lucky in that her pelvis was broken in two places (in half?) but not in the weight bearing parts of it.  She can still walk - and does - albeit not very well or comfortably.  They are saying that as long as she can urinate and defecate that keeping her quiet and letting it heal on it's own may be the best thing for her.  They did some blood work to make sure the internal organs are alright, another x-ray to double check an iffy spot on her bowel, gave her more pain meds (she was due at 9 and it took an hour an a half to get in to see the vet) and generally checked her out.  They are going to give her an enema and shave a patch of fur so she can have a fentanyl patch for constant pain relief instead of oral meds every 8 hours.  They suggested that we wait a few days before deciding if she needs surgery or not.  Meanwhile, she escaped the closet confinement this morning because she really wanted to be on the bed with her girl, so we have to rethink that.  I guess I will keep the closet room as part of her area, but I've also arranged to borrow a gigantic dog crate (large enough for a bed, litter box, food, etc) from a friend.  She'll use that when we need her to stay confined and when we go to the beach because we won't be able to leave her home with a sitter unless we find someone to stay in the house and that's cost prohibitive.

I may know more after I pick her up from the vet, but it may be a few days before we know if she needs or is going to have surgery.  Right now, she's ok, not great, but ok and that's a good thing because it could have been so much worse.

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