Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A few completions

These are the Hydrangea Socks from Janel Laidman's Eclectic Sole:  Socks for the Adventurous Knitter book which I love.  I have knit several of the sock patterns from this book and they are all different and unique and fun to knit.  Janel Laidman also wrote The Enchanted Sole which is also full of fun and wild sock patterns.

And this is the Onion Dome #3 from 45 Fine and Fanciful Hats by Anna Zilboorg.  It was incredibly fun to knit.  The colors looked ok together when I picked them out but as I started knitting them, I started hating them together.  Now that the hat is done, they don't look nearly as bad and they are starting to grow on me a little.  Still, I wouldn't use this combo again!  Next I'm going to knit one of the stacking hats and I have a bouquet of jewel tones to knit it out of!

This is the Dicentra Designs roving all spun and plied.  I love it.  I loved the colors when I bought the roving and loved them as I spun them and I love them now that they are plied.  It's about a worsted weight and about 220 yards.

The white rose in the side front yard is covered with blooms - in fact, I think it is almost bloomed out.

This is a pink/yellow rose that got moved to the upper back yard because the stem was broken by the house painters and Steve didn't think it would survive.  It did.  I see the blooms every morning as I make the bed - I really love this rose.

This rhodo is almost played out.  I have a couple that are completely done blooming and this one will join them shortly.

This lovely rhodo is in full beauty.  There are these great bouquets of blooms all over the bush which is about 10' tall and 5 or 6' wide.  It's above the pond and just gorgeous.

And this one is just about to start.  The buds are a glorious color - the blooms then become a pale pink with the fuschia edges on them.  It's huge and right by the back door - this is the bush the birds land in as the jump off the feeders.  I watch them through the window while I do dishes and for the next little while, I will get to look at the flowers as well.

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