Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crafting is not always fun . . .

Girl Far From Home and I have spent the day crafting but it wasn't the fun kind of crafting and it wasn't for a fun reason.  First we spent an hour or so running around town for the supplies.  We got 4 yards of tulle - we could have gotten by with 2, but we figured it's cheap and we'd rather have too much than too little.

Then we got two tension curtain rods.  The one on the right is the kind that twists out and is very sturdy.  The white one on the left is the spring kind that you use for cafe curtains - not so sturdy but just what we needed.

Then we dug out the sewing basket and started sewing.

We stretched the tulle between the two rods and sewed a little casing on each edge - one on the top for the more permanent tension rod and one on the bottom to hold the spring tension rod.

Why did we need this?
Because sweet little Cat went out and got herself hit by a car this morning.  Her hip is broken.  She needs to be kept as still as possible until she can get to the vet for surgery.  They said it might heal on it's own if we keep her crated for 6 weeks but I can't see that happening.  They also said it's going to be very expensive surgery - I'm guessing in the well over $1000 range since my friend Tina said her dog's hip surgery was quoted at $2400.  I can't afford it but I can't really not do it either now can I?

We set the little lady up in the bottom of Girl's closet and we knew that the window screen that we had to bend to fit in the doorway wasn't going to be practical.

So now we have this lovely little screen that lets air and light in and doesn't let the poor broken little kitty out. I think she could probably escape the ends if she was in better shape, but she's just not moving that well.  I'm thinking that we have to take her back to the emergency vet this evening because she hasn't gone potty all day and they said if she didn't, she had to come back.  I just hope they don't want to keep her there until Tuesday because I would hate that and so would the Girl.


Gina said...

oh bummer! I'm so sorry.

Anika said...

Oh no! Poor thing. It's so scary when that kind of thing happens. I know she'll hold up alright! And there's nothing better than a cat in a cast because they can't run from cuddles. Okay there IS something better, that's a cat recovering from the anesthetic.. so cute. Good luck with everything, and good luck to the kitty!

Dena said...

Teresa I am so sorry