Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Mother's Day.

Teresa, beiing the most thoughtful of Mother's daughters, sent mother a gift card to go out to eat.  I didn't even think of it but I did send a card.

I also checked up on Mother's gardens and found lots of thinks a blooming.

The pond has a pink bleeding heart blooming along with little blue flowers that mom knows the name of.  Teresa - see the really nice herons - you need a set of these.

Beside the pond, behind where mom's andirondeck chairs usually sit is her white bleeding heart and her small daphne.  The Daphne is just now starting to bloom.

 Out under the trees around the pond are the last of the tulips - this is a beautiful red one.
 And mom has daffodils under the trees also.
 This is my boneknit blooming - it is along the north side of the barn - the side facing mom's door.
The last of the tulips in mom's front garden - along with a couple of weeds. 

Mom's wisteria is getting going.  There is a wisteria on the opposite side of the stairs also.

This is mom's lilac that sits right outside her bedroom window.  I think it gets a little too much shade to be really happy, but it does have a bloom starting.

Happy Mother's Day Mom
Love you lots and lots
Dena & Teresa

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Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too - love the dark tulips... I'm thinking of hiding out in your garden it's peaceful there lol... Enjoy the rest of your day!!