Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday . . . again and again!

Someone in this house turned 15 a few days ago.  We didn't actually see her on the day she turned 15 because she left the house at 7 in the morning and didn't get home till almost 11 that night.  But we had presents ready anyway . . . just in case!

There were more presents than this, but they weren't all in the same pile at any one time.  The money was a gift from her 'Uncle Mike' (who is not only not an uncle, his name is not Mike, but that's another story for another day).  He was her by coincidence - arrived the same day we got Girl Far From Home back home and stayed about 5 days.

This is the big reveal . . . .

Ta Da!  A foosball (and air hocky and ping pong and bowling and chess/checkers and backgammon and something else) table which she asked for several years ago but not till after her birthday.  It's a used table, but it's a nice one.

Even her travel gnome wanted to play - I tried to tell him that sitting in front of the goal on the foosball field was not a good idea . . . eventually we will figure out how to get him out of the ball slot.

Someone didn't get to play and she wasn't happy about it.  She kept bringing us toys while we were playing and whining at our feet.  Didn't work.

Eventually, and over the course of the next several days, she opened the rest of her presents.  The last ones were opened today (Sunday) and her birthday was Thursday. 

A couple of books (always good in her mind), a game, a fushigi ball (don't ask).  There was also a lovely Kiva Gift Certificate from Aunt Dena.  I had just gotten one from Uncle Mike as a belated birthday gift and spent it and Girl Far From Home had just relent all her Kiva Money so it's been a Kiva kinda weekend.

This may have been the favorite - the complete fifth season of Doctor Who!  We are all going to like that!

And finally today (just 3 days late) we had the cake!  It's yummy - chocolate with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.


Anika said...

Happy Birthday! The cake looks yummy.

Dena said...

I have not seen season five - am i invited over?

Please bring the dvds and you'all come on over and we will do a Dr Who marathon. I'll even cook and make snacks and have wine and EVERYTHING.