Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Truer words were never spoken

This is the gift that keeps on making me smile . . .

And this is the knitting that keeps on making me smile.  I love the idea behind this sweater.  I love the construction of this sweater.  I love the knitting of this sweater.  I love the colors of this sweater.  I love the textures in this sweater.  And I think I'm going to love the outcome of this sweater project. 

This is the back - more than halfway done and I just cast on Saturday afternoon.  Actually, I cast on Saturday morning but then I realized at dinner time that I had knit the first purple section wrong so I had to rip and reknit.  This is Anna Zilboorg's Embossed Jacket.  

Next I plan to make her Allspice Vest with leftover bits of wool I have around here (because I have tons of leftover bits and that is the perfect pattern to use them up).  I need to make a sloper before I do that so I need some help measuring myself.  I'm hoping Dena will come help me because she's my sister and who better to help measure you than your sister?  Probably I will have to settle for Girl Far From Home who will be Girl At Home by next Monday.


Dena said...

I will help measure but you have to come to me. Plan on staying for a month or two or even three.

Typstatting said...

Those colours are really cheery love them!