Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tatting Exchange

The Tatting Forums arranged another exchange - this time for bookmarks.  I just love tatting bookmarks - they are the perfect size project for me.  Any smaller and I feel a bit like I'm just messing around.  Any bigger and I will surely make an unfixable mistake before I finish.  My exchange partner was Happy Bluebird again (I'm lucky, her, not so much).  
First, she sent this lovely card.  These are all pictures she took in her own back yard and yes, they are all bluebirds.  I would love to have that many bluebirds in my yard - but I have too many trees.  I am seeing more and more bluebirds in Georgia tho - they love the front yard at the school and there are a bunch at the park near our house.
And this is the bookmark Cindy sent.  I love it - it's so simple and so pretty.  I love how it looks simple but elegant.  And I really love the addition of the butterfly on the tail.  I may not have bluebirds in my yard, but I have more than enough butterflies with the Fritillaries on the passion flowers to make up for it.  

This is the bookmark I sent to Cindy - it's Mary Konior's Black Magic done in Lady Shuttlemaker's Undersea Garden in size 20.  I started another bookmark and made a mess of it.  I tried a second pattern and couldn't quite figure it out.  So I went back to Tatting with Visual Patterns because it never lets me down.  I think I did better on this Black Magic than the first one I made, so I must be improving.  It was fun to make too.

For a card, I just took a blank note card and glued some little tatted bits on it.  Actually, I had Miss M glue them on, but I tatted the bits for it.  Silly, I know, but I needed something to protect the bookmark on it's journey.
(Sure hope blogger is back and stays back . . . )

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Anika said...

Bookmarks are so fun! Little, but complete, pieces of tat. The thread you used is pretty. I can never get over the blues, in pigment and music! Maybe because it's such a modern color to see tatting in. Hmm. (: