Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Lest you think I've given up tatting altogether, here is some progress on some projects.

First a project that I've been working on for a while. It's a Celtic Bookmark from a pattern written by LaRae Mikulecky. The pattern can be found here. I learned split rings and have been working on all the other pieces but I'm put off by all the ends that need to be dealt with. And it's taking me forever anyway but eventually I will finish it because it's going to be pretty.

And I decided to go ahead and make something fairly easy with the hand dyed thread I bought from Yarnplayer. It's called Stardate and it's size 10 lizbeth and it's very nice. It was just too pretty and it was calling my name. So, I wound it on one of the new shuttles I bought at Stitches from Carolina Homespun (the red, white & blue one). It's a nice shuttle because it's big enough to hold a ton of thread. I'm making a Dreams of Lace bookmark and it's going quite well - tho I will need to figure out how to do one thing . . .
In this picture, you can also see the Craig Huke shuttle I bought from his etsy shop. It's small, but it's really nice - has a bobbin and unlike the banyek ones I bought, when you tighten the screw on this, the bobbin doesn't spin and let loose all your thread. I haven't put any thread on it and tatted with it yet, but I'm going to do that tomorrow. This is a nice one made of Tulip wood and I really like the small size. The other shuttles are a clover and another lacis I got at Stitches just for size comparison.

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agasunset said...

Oh I love the bookmark celtic pattern. This definitely goes to my project list :)