Monday, June 14, 2010

Flooding then, hot now

The rains started before mom left and continued for another week. The Payette River was at 6 feet towards the end of May with flood stage at 10 feet. It kept on raining and raining and raining. By the 3rd of June we were at 10 ft and going higher. On Saturday, June 5, I was out in the gardens trying to work between the rain and hail when we got a phone call from the county disaster that the river was above flood, the island was closed and low lying houses should evacuate. The river got up to 14 feet (the brown pillars show 20 feet mark). That Friday the river was still above flood and didn't drop below ten feet until last Saturday.

The one bridge across to the island got pushed off it's foundation and so is unusable. They haven't finished testing the other bridge for safety yet but are hoping. The island is the local sports complex with all the ball fields and soccer fields and skateboard ramps and walking paths. I used the near bridge for walking and biking for exercise cause it is way to far to the other bridge. Okay if I was in shape it wouldn't be too far but I am not in shape.

It has stopped raining and is now hot and dry. It hasn't broke a hundred yet but right now it is 96 degrees outside and still climbing. The humidity is back down to nothing so when you water the plants they are dry as a bone before you turn your back on them. Definitely too late in the year to be planting and transplanting.

We had some glorious sunsets while it was raining. You can see how the sunsets turned the hills the most wonderful shiny golden color. The pictures and the text are in opposite order, but Teresa will fix that because I am so sleepy right now.

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