Friday, June 4, 2010

Alien Invasion!

A pack of aliens has invaded my house! Actually, aliens invaded the school the day of Senior prank. It was pretty cool since the seniors were out of class by the time they did the prank, so very few people were expecting it. They took over the Awards Banquet and then the entire school. They filled one classroom entirely with balloons, and it was seriously chest high with balloons even after they opened the door and let the balloons spill out. The aliens kidnapped all the earthlings for a dance frenzy in the commons and took over again in the afternoon. I made these little aliens to commemorate the occasion and the girl has already given one to the principal and the assistant principal.
And for Jeff, a recipe - super easy, really flexible and totally delicious.
Take a large, ripe tomato and chop it in small chunks. Dump it in a bowl. Take some fresh basil and chop it and add it to the tomato. If I can't get fresh basil, they always have jars of pesto in the grocery and I add a tablespoon (heaping) of that. Sometimes I toss in a little garlic, but not much or it will take over. Get some Parmigiano or some Pecorino Romano and grate it - you want quite a bit, about a half cup grated - don't add it yet, pour it over the pasta as you toss it. I usually use curly pasta like gemelli or rotini but anything will do (and for Mom it really should be gluten free). Cook about a half a box to the al dente stage and then toss it, piping hot, over the tomatoes and be sure to dump in about a half cup of the pasta water. As you toss the pasta/tomato/basil together, add the cheese so it gets well dispersed. Pour about a quarter cup of really good fruity extra virgin olive oil over as you toss it too.
Serve warm or cold.
You can add barely cooked asparagus or any other veggie you like to this. You can also add spinach or arugula or any other green you like that can withstand heat to this (but not for Mom). And it's really good if you toss in some grilled chicken cut into small chunks. I have used pork but the girls didn't like that.

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