Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catching up

So, things have been crazy busy here with all the stuff going on. Last week, it was a Graduation party, Senior project culmination, beginning of Middle Learning Immersion project, someone's birthday, someone else's graduation, an new car, driving lessons, and lots of other stuff. The weeks before that were even busier. So the blog was ignored. I wish I could say that I had lots of stuff saved up to post, but frankly, knitting and fiber were pretty much ignored too. My students in my knitting class were shocked and horrified to learn that between the last two classes I knit nary a stitch. One of them, who knows me well, was not sure I'd survive.

So here are some small bits that should have been posted and were not. Flowers - the hydrangeas in the blue pot were from the graduation party and the roses in the wine glass were from the reception after graduation. They are both lovely.

During all this wild and crazy running around, I managed to get Casey her spring haircut. Here you see the before (with penguin) and after (with clip) pictures. This is actually quite a good haircut. Anita (the groomer) trimmed her legs pretty short (1/2") and her belly short (1") and took about 2 or 3" off the rest of the dog. I know, I know, it doesn't look like she was even cut. But I have to say that this is the cut I've been looking for the dog since I got her and I'm very happy. If I knew I could get a trim instead of a shave, I'd have taken her to the groomers a lot more often.

And someone had a birthday which we remembered at the very last minute and celebrated. Poor kid, the big day was the day before graduation so for this year at least (and probably another in 4 years) it almost went by without celebration. But we got a cake, went out to dinner and gave gifts.

I promise more posts more regularly starting soon. I am taking a bunch of grads to the beach for almost a week, leaving on Saturday. Next week will be slim pickins - Maybe Dena will pick up the slack. Maybe Jeff can even help Mom post a few things for me to read! (If you want/need a password, I'll set you up.) But I'll be back in action the following week and promise to do a better job.

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aafke7 said...

Well... you have been really busy than! Nice to see a bit of your life! :) thank you!
And what a lovely cake!