Monday, June 14, 2010

Gardens - Mom's Irises

Teresa has been trying to get hold of me and can't. I still don't have any energy in the afternoons so I am working hard in the mornings. Besides it is cooler then anyway. I have been working in the gardens trying to play catch up for not doing anything at all this spring and doing so little last year.
This is mom's iris bed with fruit tree border. Different iris bloom each day and they are going to be just about all done by the time she gets back here to admire them. These pictures are taken 4 days apart (6/6; 6/10 and 6/14). You can double click on them and make them big and beautiful.
In the first picture just about in the center of the garden right before the walkway is a shorter bloom that is lavender. There is a bird ornament next to the plant. It is behind the dark purple iris that isn't open in that picture. Anyway, if you can figure out which flower in which photo, that iris is named Elaine-alope (Get it? Mom's name is Elaine and her favorite color is lavender? Cute!!)
In the far back you can see the one named hot dog with mustard. I can't remember any of the other names so maybe mom will tell us some of them. But even without the names, aren't her irises gorgeous.
Especially note that I weeded and mulched the garden so mom doesn't have to weed it anymore. Plus I think it shows off the irises so much better.
The middle one of her fruit trees (the one right in front of the walkway) is a crab apple and is covered in fruit. The pear had tons of blossoms but unfortunately my pears didn't bloom at all and so didn't pollinate hers so neither of us have any fruit this year. Maybe next year we will both get some.
I forget what her other fruit tree is but I think it is cut off in all the pictures because it is right by the rail I am standing at to take the pictures.
If you look very closely at the top photo, on the back steps is a black cat. This is Ubu 2 for those of you who haven't met him. I am keeping him fed and watered while mother is gone. As you can clearly see, he is healthy and happy.

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trh said...

I think those flower beds look SOOOO much better with the mulch. I hope it helps with the weeds cuz I know when we were there, they were volunteering in a really big way and they were difficult to pull and probably came right back.