Monday, June 14, 2010

Gardens - Mom's Front Garden

A couple of days before mom left, we started weeding her front garden and hadn't gotten very far at all. The garden was still 99% weeds.
As you can see the garden is all nicely cleared out. It is planted with some of her bulbs and with marigolds and wild flowers. Hopefully if it stays weeded (and I so am not up to that) the bulbs will come up and bloom in the spring and as they are dying off, the marigolds and wildflowers will be appearing and getting ready to bloom.
That is the plan anyway.
Her roses are doing awesome so I added a close up of each one. The planter is there to hold the light that Jeff gave mom. It is solar powered and lights up at night with ever changing colors. With it in the pot it is high enough to peak over mom's deck and she can see it from inside her house. I tried for night pictures to show you how glorious a light it is but I am not a good enough photographer. You will have to come and see it in person.
I am hoping that the flower seeds will at least be up by the time mom gets home. I know all of this should have been done months ago but it didn't happen.
If you double click on the pot with the light in it you will see the peruvian daffodil almost in bloom (in the rose and pot photo) and in bloom in the whole front garden shot.

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trh said...

Having weeded that bed myself, I know how much work it is . . . looks really good!

I love peruvian daffodil but all mine died.