Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden visit

First off, my waterlily is blooming. It's been blooming. I didn't know that because the buds/blooms were covered with leaves and the water was so low I couldn't see them below the rim. I will try to get pics of the open flower(s) tomorrow, it was too late to catch them open today.

This is my bog pot - in the front you'll see y taro and behind it on the left is the variegated spider lily (well, 7 of them), behind that the coffee. You can't see it well, but on the right, under the coffee is the pandan and it's doing really well.

This is the pink coreopsis - the same as yours. Also in this pot are a juncus, a blue cardinal flower and something else I can't remember.

This is my aquatic orchid. It was doing much better in the greenhouse - there are actually two plants, one is below the bog violet but it's really hard to see. I think they might be too wet or they might be getting too much sun or maybe they just don't like me but they were much happier before I put them on the patio.

This is the coffee plant blooming - it's growing in the bog and it's very happy there. Last year I got about 18 coffee beans and this year I'm going to get a freaking ton.

And this is Miss S's tomato plant. We didn't know that it had tomatoes on it, but it does. And it has a bunch more blooms too. It's doing really well - but it's not growing out of the bottom of the hanging planter, this one is on the top.

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***Jon**** said...

Hi Teresa,
You have a wide selection of plants in your garden. The pandan attracts my attention. I wonder if it is the same kind of pandan that we have here in Malaysia. The juice of the pandan leaves is used as food colouring for traditional sweets. When finely shredded, the leave also emit a fragrant that is added to potpourri.

Thank you for following my blog.