Wednesday, June 2, 2010


First, girlfriend went to the graduation rehearsal in the morning. This is what she found in the front yard when she came home. You can't see the stuff in the back windshield very well, but it says congratulations and has a cap, diploma and little whirly gigs. Unfortunately, it melted - oops!

She was thrilled, and has been driving it as much as possible since. She will get her license in a little over a week.

There were more, smaller gifts inside, but we didn't let her open those till much later. She's gotten a couple more since then also and still has a few more coming.

I happened to be at the school when these balloons were delivered. They were used for marking parking areas, tables, etc. This pic only shows about half of them - I thought they were cool.

This is the bagpiper who piped the officials and graduates in to begin the ceremony. He stopped just next to our seats so I was able to get a really good shot.

My camera went crazy so I didn't get shots of her as she walked up to the stage, put her flower in the vase or got her diploma. But here is a picture of the stage - on the far right are two teachers who took turns reading grads names. In the center is a grad adding her flower to the bouquet - each grad puts a flower in and in the end there is a unique and beautiful bouquet. On the left is Mr. Brereton, Head of School who gave out diplomas and Missy Hirsch, college counselor who handed them to him to give out.

After all the diplomas were handed out, the ceremony became the kids' thing. 24 out of the 53 grads got up and sang, played musical instruments or spoke. Miss S and her friend were the first two to sing and they did it beautifully. I took a video of them singing and it's in the mail on it's way to you.

This is the final bouquet after all 53 kids put their flowers in.

Smiling with her favorite teacher after the graduation. She wore that smile all night.

And relaxing with friends after the ceremony and the celebration. She had a good time.

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