Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Day of School

Not for the girls, but for my knitting class students. They were really fabulous and I hope they will all sign up again in the fall. I had soooo much fun! One student has been knitting with me for a couple of years and she's in my class purely out of pity, it just wouldn't make without her support. The other two I actually got to help and that was seriously fun!

Another parent at the girls' school and really great friend took the class this session. She learned to knit before this class, but it had been a while since she'd done it so she didn't remember everything. I think she remembered more than she thought she did but either way, she did great work!!! She started out knitting little purses for her three daughters and ended up rewriting and revamping patterns so that she could get just what she wanted. The gray is part of the candle tree pattern on a purse - see the rope handles on the side? The owl is the beginning of another purse for another daughter. She's got more planned, so expect to see more!

Another lady in the class came in knowing the knit stitch and the purl stitch but not how to cast on or bind off. She went from that to making these lovely dog sweaters with CABLES!! She learned how to increase, decrease and most importantly read patterns. She's absolutey brilliant and these are much more lovely than the iphone photos show! She left working on the cutest shrug for herself with lots of lace patterns in it - I really hope she'll come back in the fall. I gave her my contact info in case she needs help over the summer. I can't teach over the summer because I have to keep running with the girls.

This is the shawl that my friend the experienced knitter is making. She's using my handspun alpaca and she bought me more alpaca to spin because what I gave her isn't going to be enough. Can you imagine anything better? I gift some yarn and get free fiber to replace it and a guarantee that it will be used to make something seriously cool. Can't ask for more than that!
I have to say that this teaching thing is so cool - doesn't pay much but what a blast!

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