Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally some Tatting!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is tatting in the title and there is still tatting happening - wish it happened more often. I also wish I knew someone here in Atlanta that tatted so that I could get them to show me a few of the things I'm not sure how to do, but I don't. D, do you have a camera so we could do a video chat and you could show me? I mean things like split rings, and self closing mock rings and split chains. I really want to make this Tardis Bookmark by Anne Bruvold. Only I don't know how to do split ring, split chain, floating ring, or what the continuous thread method is and I can't read the pattern because of that. I will figure it out somehow, someday but in the meantime, I just keep plugging along trying to get better. Here is today's offering:
These are both from Big Book of Tatting by Darlene Polachic. The first (white & dark green) is the Seed Bead Earing and second, (white with gold beads) is the Jingle Bell Ornament made with beads.

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Sharon said...

There are videos on my web site
and it you have Skype I could show you how to do the things you are having trouble with.