Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mothers!!

First off, Happy Mother's Day to my Mother who has raised 6 children which is an unbelievable feat in and of itself. Hope today is really great for you and sorry your daughter wasn't able to get home in time! Second, Happy Mother's Day to my sister, the daughter who wasn't able to get home in time - I know that you are cured and that this delay was worth it. Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers out there who happen to read this - I hope everyone has as nice a Mother's Day as I've had so far!!

These are my gifts - the planter is from my Dear Husband and he promises that it can be left out overwinter and won't disintigrate. I planted a Lavendar plant in it - hope springs eternal. The sheep is from my youngest and it's soft and cuddly and wonderful but she says I cannot shear it and spin the fleece. The Magnificent Mittens book is from my oldest and as an added gift, she even wants me to knit her mittens out of it. We had a terrific time looking at each and ever page to decide which ones she wanted me to make but we haven't decided, so we'll probably have to look at each and every page again. She wants the mittens in the same colors of yarn that she wants a hat from the 45 Fun & Fanciful Hats book - fun knitting!

This is a bit of a Mother's day present for Mom. See these bushes? They are the lilacs I got from you - the ones that got chopped to the ground and I rescued the root ball and stuck it in a pot. They are very short, mostly because they've been in that pot for a couple of years now. Steve finally planted them in the ground and we split the two halves of the rootball so there are two plants - tho one half could have easily been split again. The little pot is the small plant that had run off to the side of the pot. It's the present. I put it in a pot so I can mail it to you when I send some other plants I have for you.

Then, to make Mother's Day even better - and how could it be better after darling daughter spent an hour looking at a knitting book with me? - same daughter played in the dirt with me! First she and I took a trip to the garden center and bought some soil, a huge pot, and a few plants. Then we repotted the mint plants, her little garden, potted the lavender, got a moon flower and potted it for Steve, etc. This is a picture of the mint (on the stand), the moonflower in the green pot and the lavendar - with her potato garden behind it. If you look in the back, that red rose is what needed the huge pot and an entire bag of potting soil.

This is her planter with an ornamental pepper and some portulaca in it - it's going to be gorgeous.

This is the shepherd's hook I got to hold her upside down tomato planter - we had to put it thru the fence because the planter was SOOOOO heavy. The fence cross bars are holding it up - it's actually just one tall pole that goes into the ground with the hook on top, not a hook attached to the fence.

And this crazy little gooney bird is something she found in the garden center and fell in love with. I liked it too so I bought it for her. Her dad liked it too and wanted her to put it somewhere where he could see it too. We had to glue it's poor little broken leg, but it'll be good as new when the glue dries!

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